Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Louie and the broken pot

Here is another of the pieces I fired at the Raku session last weekend. (YEA, I know why aren't you using the digital camera that you got for Christmas - it's only February!!!)
I had to laugh, I took the pots into the office to show off some of my work. ...so...When you raku fire, you place the glowing pot into a garbage can (ummm, metal garbage can) that has combustible materials in it (like newspaper - not gasoline). The combustibles ignite from the extreme heat of the pot and then you close the lid (this is not a lesson in raku). Well, it seems that with some of the thicker glazes that the side of the pot that rests in the newspaper loses that smooth glaze look because it is resting on the burning stuff (kind of like the impression you get in your cheek when you fall asleep on an afghan...)... anyway... the copperish piece that I posted about the other day has a whole side of it that is creased like that... I turned that part to the back when displaying the pots at the office and wouldn't you know that everyone who picks up the pots comments that they love that side and the effect... and there is another pot I made that had a green band of glaze around the top, but was unglazed below... the green glaze ran in one spot and that one spot was the part of the vase that everyone loved... alas, lessons in the effect of human nature on art appreciation...
Oh, and I have a picture of an elf shoe I made because Cricket hadn't put it away with his Christmas stuff... I designed these a few years ago for Christmas with Mr.Stevers... more on these later...

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