Thursday, July 2, 2009

An evening with Mr Foote (a three for Thursday)

I had coffee last night with my friend Mr Foote.  He's a great guy with an opinion about everything from politics to parenting...  he's very well read and consumingly interesting...  funny even...  

So, in an effort to let you get to know me better here are a few of our interchanges from last night...

On his 20 y/o son's girlfriend (he doesn't like her)

"Mindy has moved into the house.  She is a total slob!  And on top of everything, she told me that she wants to get a tattoo.  I know Matt; if she gets a tattoo he will be completely turned off.  If I warn her I..."

"Warn her?"

"Yes, well... he's not going to like a tattoo, so..."

"So?  It's perfect.  Make a pot of coffee, sit down with her and ask her if she's thought about which design she wants.  ...and ask if she's found a reputable tattoo artist...  and recommend something, something intricate with lots of color..."


On what he's reading/recommending...

"So after he's been trapped in the 1800s for a year or so it becomes clear to him that he is the poet he studied before the time travel and was kidnapped..."

"You know, every time you read a good book, you tell me how it ends.  I'm going to start wandering the aisles before we meet (we have coffee in Barnes and Nobles) and pick out the worst drivel to recommend to you; something with a bare-chested man on it."


And the ever unintentional...

"So I was going through my storage unit and found the Snoopy toy Matt gave to me so many years ago..."

"How long ago that was!  Matt must have been only 5 or 6.  Are you moving stuff out of storage?"

"No, just pulling out junk for the garage sale..."




Clay Doodles said...

LOL! Love the WW of the W line!!!

When the coffee is horrid in a restaurant I ask if my grandmother is in the kitchen. They always ask why and I simply respond that this tastes just like her coffee. And they always smile, not knowing that I have handed them the worst criticism possible. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just read a bunch of your posts because I have really fallen behind on my reading lately. Thanks for some fabu laughs. I've missed reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

It's me again! I loved your advice about the tattoo. I was wondering why he was going to warn this girl when he wanted her out of his house. Excellent job, my friend!