Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

So this seems to be the next thing going around and, well, I'm not too proud to share... I thought it would be interesting to post on my blog...

1. My nieces and nephews do not refer to me as uncle - only my friends' children.
2. When I was 14, I truly believed that if I prayed hard enough and believed (without doubt) God would make me 6 ft tall. (I did, he didn't, it's not an issue.)
3. For much of my youth I had a recurring dream that I was asleep on a train and the conductor would wake me at Station 38; so I always thought I'd die at 38. (I didn't)
4. I love to make people laugh.
5. I love people that make me laugh.
6. Winter is my favorite season. I believe that life is winter.
7. "Field of Dreams" is my favorite movie.
8. "'Til we have Faces" is my favorite book. I have read it every year since my sophomore year in college.
9. When I was a minister, there was a little girl in the church who called me Pastor Silly.
10. I have nearly 1300 european glass ornaments for my Christmas tree, it took me 5 days to put it up this year. (I haven't yet taken it down)
11. I intend to throw a 7 course, formal dessert party before I die.
12. I like driving little red cars.
13. I still have Melissa's engagement ring.
14. I send reminders to my friends about my birthday.
15. I love to make things; so I sew, bake, throw pottery and woodwork.
16. I believe in the power of food.
17. I have toured the caves in the Rock of Gibraltar.
18. I love board games - and only ever play to win.
19. I have never, ever, wanted to have children of my own.
20. I believe with my whole heart that winning the lottery would ruin my life (but I do buy tickets on occasion because I would love to give that much money away)
21. I once held a woman's hand while she died.
22. Most of my poetry is too private to share so I delete it once I've finished it.
23. I do not like going to the doctor.
24. I don't really have aspirations or dreams for the future.
25. (BlanK) because I'd like to hear a random thing about myself that someone else has to share...



Anonymous said...

I LOVED this post. I learned so much about you and I think you're a riot. I loved that you were called "Pastor Silly". I agree with you about most of what you believe. #25 A random thing about you: I want to read more of your posts because from reading the random things about you I think I will like your writing.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Random fact - you love food flavors....

ClayDoodles said...

Random fact #1 - you love gnomes almost as much as I do

Random fact #2 - never ask you to be a diet watchdog if one intends to cheat by eating a toasted bagel with peanut butter