Thursday, January 22, 2009

Top Chef-Season Spoiler

"TOP CHEF" SEASON SPOILER - Jamie wins with a seared scallop; judges impressed with her thinking outside the box!  

Are you completely disappointed with "TOP CHEF" this season?  I am!  Not that the chefs are without talent (tho I do think they stacked the deck with several that were too green to really compete).  ...nor have I anything against the scallop queen.

Why did I love "Top Chef"?  Why do I watch the "Food Network Challenges"?  What is it about Gordon Ramsey and his "Kitchen Nightmares"?  Why the "Ace of Cakes" and how could it possibly have lasted more than half a season?  These shows inspire me...  Yeah, I'm an out-of- work guy who loves to cook.  

Cooking shows, well, they're boring...  OK, I love the way Contessa is shot, I'd love Lydia to ask me to dinner, Paula has taught me to use butter and mayo when I cook/Emril some more spice, and Danny Boome (well, what can you say)...

but these shows I catch if they are on - I don't DVR them...  I WANT TO BE INSPIRED!

I want to watch pastry chefs create 8 foot sugar sculptures that come crashing to the floor when moved from table to table.  For my Christmas party this year, I almost made a sugar showpiece.  Cricket talked me out of it; I'm certain he didn't want to be finding sugar shards of "icicle and snowman" in the dining room carpet at Easter time.

I want to hear Gordon say, "the ^&%& dish should be @%!&ing simple you @%&*ing idiot"... HE'S RIGHT, when I found a recipe for pork chops with just butter, celery and onion, I thought, "No Way", but I could hear Gordon (swearing at me) in the back of my mind and now those pork chops are something guests have asked me for over and again.

I need to see Duff Goldman's team working and failing and trying and pushing to make cakes that spin and explode and gross me out and completely charm the customer who buys them.
I can't make simple cakes anymore.  They have to have a theme!  They have to have rolled fondant and color and fireworks. (I haven't really tried the fireworks - again, Cricket talking me out of it)

I never braised an "anything" until last year when the Top Chefs made short ribs a few times...  now, they are the favorite dish!

But hey, everyday there seems to be a new culinary competition show popping up (TED ALLEN even has one - BIG FAN of TED ALLEN here!)  So even tho I will no longer be watching the "Real Housewives of Top Chef" which has clearly lost its edge, I've got my DVR poised for some shows that really get me fired up. (excuse the pun, please)

Inspire me kids, inspire me!!! post will no doubt be something on "Biggest Loser"...



Little Ms Blogger said...

I'm saddened to think that I can't rehash the stupid behavior of this season's cast with you....

However, I couldn't stop laughing that the scallop was the winning dish....

harveygirl said...

I have found that I don't watch the "cooking" shows as much as I watch shows dealing with things I will never do. "Ace of Cakes", DD&D (as much as I would love to travel to some of these places!) OK, I sort of take that one back..A diner featured on DDD is about 1/2 an hour from here and it's one of our favorite spots now. Food Detectives and the new Food Network didn't win the next star guys..I enjoy Iron Chef America, but live for reruns of the original on FLN!!

I'm inspired by fresh local ingredients in the Spring and summer and by deep comfort dishes in the fall and winter. Lots of soups and stews are made this time of year as I await the siren song of the Farmer's Market!