Saturday, February 7, 2009

Take a card...any card...

Seven months, still unemployed.  Oh well...

It's gotten to the point for me that I'm not not as bothered about being jobless because of all the silliness it seems to dig up for me.  At the local unemployment office (busier than the mall was at Christmas-time) I bumped into a former associate.  There are a good number of stories about her from the office and perhaps I'll tell them at another time.  

She was a veritable plethora of job hunting tips and information (as well she should be as she's been looking for a job four months longer than I have).  She was all about this networking group and that State service and the elevator speech and CARS and PARS (for any of you recently unemployed, well, you'll hear all about these from someone else)...  She chatted (I nodded) for 45 minutes and then she "had to get going".  She asked,

"Do you have a business card?"

"No, the old ones were useless and I still haven't got a job..."

"You have to have a business card.  It's a must."  She produced a card and handed it to me...

"This is mine.  I had it printed for free."

"For free?"

"Yes, there are several on-line businesses that will print your card for free."

I took her card, wasn't all too impressed with the paper quality or font, but opened my wallet to slip it in.

"Oh wait.  Give me that."

"The card?"


Took the card.  Opened her purse.  Pulled out a pen.

"The number is wrong" She corrected the number on the card...

"And the email address is wrong"  She corrected the email address...

"They were free?"

"Yes, isn't that great?  Call me. Let's have lunch."

Off she went.  Puzzled, I went to my car and wondered (as I drove back home) what could possibly be the purpose of having an online business that produced free business cards with incorrect information...  ...and what the odds were that if sent incorrect info, they could produce a card that had the right number and email address...

Of course I placed an order.  There are just so many people that I would rather not call me, but I'd never refuse them a business card if they asked for one - how rude...

...and after all, they were free!


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Little Ms Blogger said...

Really? A business card?

I've heard of single women using them while dating, but have yet to see the unemployed person carrying one.

Who was the person?