Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Poetry Challenge: Eden Snow

Baloney challenged me to participate in the April Poem a Day contest at the Poetic Asides Blog.  Nothing to win, really, but looks like fun and work for the brain.  I will post what I write for each day and in the comments leave the Topic as assigned by the folks over there.

Eden Snow
By G. David Post

A chilly morning this,
In the garden.
More than frost and falling from the sky.

Under foot, soft and cold,
(Adam’s bare foot)
Dancing on the wind with Eve’s long hair.

As, from mud, his form made
So, from snow, this.
Two hands work a shape, so round, a ball.

“Duck, Creator”. A smile.
Angels protest.
Heaven’s host, to His defense, arrives.

Creator’s aim is true
And Eve’s not bad.
Adam runs, but laughter stings, not cold.

No work this snow day has,
but wage of war,
Now that play is born and snowball fights…

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