Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poetry Challenge: Lark in April Showers

Lark in April Showers
By G. David Post

“Secret party – Afternoon”
“The special day approaches!”
First date
First kiss
Stories of the labor room,
Of hurry when the time came.
First child
First word
Photos of the diaper pail.
And tales of Dora, Elmo.
First tooth
First step
Pigeons all around the crumbs,
That bobbing mass of feathers.
And, one lark,
With no coo.
Questions, questions, pigeons ask
Of the one she never met.
“Some guy?”
“Must be!”
Smile, laugh and shoulders shrug;
So the pigeons turn for crumbs.
First ball
First day
No tales to tell of colic,
Nor the tales of sleepless nights.
First play
First catch
Photos, none, of Halloween
Nor shots of the Christmas play
“My dog!”
All the bows of opened gifts;
Paper strewn, uneaten cake.
"Best luck!"
"Thanks, so."
That lark among the pigeons
All the cooing, all the crumbs.
First note…
First song…


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Little Ms Blogger said...

I really liked this one. I feel this way everytime I go to a baby shower. However, the pigeons always have horrible stories of labor and I'm glad I can't add to these stories.